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 Planet YXX backstory Chapter 2

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PostSubject: Planet YXX backstory Chapter 2   Sat Aug 21, 2010 9:52 am

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Well I'm about ready to make a second chapter, and this is that time

Years later: The planet has grown to over one hundred thousand people, and the planet has gone dark, war has already spread, and because weapons were secretly stashed upon the ship that had originally brought them to the planet, thousands have died, not to mention the teleportation system that was developed over the years, the planet is in total chaos, people are betraying each other as if to say Fuck You, I'm going to be the leader of this planet, not you. The man who had come to discover this planet has grown old and weary, not to mention tired, tired of the bullshit, it figures, bring people from Earth, it has the same end result, he had known this might happen, so he developed a superweapon, capable of destroying anything and everything, he designed it as a failsafe that would never be used unless it was an extreme emergency, though the situation was grave, he was waiting for it to get even worse, he had decided not to use it for the fact that if he did, he'd have to return to Earth, and he sure as hell didn't want to go back to that shithole, too much war and hate, much more than there was on this planet at the moment, though he had developed a strategy. He planned to strike them when they were at their weakest, and he knew when this was, for with his great knowledge, he could determine when they were weak by just watching them quarrel over who should lead the attack, which would be their downfall, he hadn't planned on using violence as a tactic though, on his world, there was no such thing as immorality, and violence would be considered immoral in this case.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Chapter 3 will come in a few days, be sure to read up and find out the deadly solution to this war!
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PostSubject: Re: Planet YXX backstory Chapter 2   Sat Aug 21, 2010 10:01 am

its like watching a movie!

Im making a video out of these soon
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PostSubject: Re: Planet YXX backstory Chapter 2   Mon Aug 23, 2010 2:29 pm

nice, keep them comeing
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PostSubject: Re: Planet YXX backstory Chapter 2   

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Planet YXX backstory Chapter 2
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