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Mini Game - CS:GO
TeamSpeak 3

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 Necros165 is finally here!

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PostSubject: Necros165 is finally here!   Tue Sep 11, 2012 6:56 pm

CSS Name: Necros165

Age: 17

Mic: Yes

Gender: Male

How often do you play: Depends, usually 1-3 minimum, daily.

Time played on our servers: About 2 hours at time of posting.

Steam Community Page: [steamcommunitylinkhere]/id/Necros165

Steamid: STEAM_0:0:15726255

About You: That, you will soon find out :3

Any Skills you have: Tons. I can video edit (not effects so much, but I can do some), I'm an artist (would use Photoshop more but alas I don't have an art tablet), I can also audio edit (not that great) and I can manage servers/create websites (what's gunna happen for college).

Why do you want to join and what do you have to offer (dont say anything involving admin): I want to join because it seems like a pretty cool idea (although because told me to) and I have all the above to contribute to the team.

Side-note here: I don't meet the minimum requirements, but I will end up fulfilling them soon.
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Necros165 is finally here!
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